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Become part of our team


Would you like to become part of our awesome team.

Are you able to assist in any of these fields?


You don’t have to have experience to do pickups but you do require a car  it’s as simple as collecting wildlife from local vets or from a member of public’s house and transport them to the required destination which will be either  a registered rehabilitator or if injured to the local vets.

The wildlife will already be contained and should be kept cool quite  and stress free on their journey.





We require experienced wildlife carers or people with a sound knowledge of native wildlife behaviours to assist with rescues.

We have strict guidelines as our safety and the wildlife’s welfare is our upmost priority.




If you would like to assist or become a wildlife rehabilitator now is your chance.


You can choose from one of these magnificent native fauna 

Birds, Joeys, Possums or other Marcupils Reptiles and even Bats.


All volunteers must abide by DBCA standards and guidelines 

All rehabilitators are required to care for wildlife in their own homes and must agree to abide by our policy’s and procedures, this will include monitoring of wildlife, Regular inspections of your rehabilitation facility by management to ensure all procedures are being followed and wildlife are kept above the standards for wildlife rehabilitation requirements.

It will be your responsibility to keep records of any wildlife in your care including admission sheets, animal feed sheets, behaviour and outcome.

It is our policy that medication can not be administered by anyone unless approved by one of the board of directors or veterinarians this includes supplements and natural remedies.


You will be responsible for any veterinary cost incurred whilst wildlife is in your care.

You are required to supply your own equipment

 ( we will help where we can) 


We also offer a mentorship program for new carers, this is a friendly and relaxed way to learn through guidance and assistance from experienced rehabilitators.

Our mentors are available for any questions or concerns  you may have 24 hrs a day.


You will be required to attend regular training courses and join in with discussion groups.


If you have previous wildlife rehab experience we would love to hear from you and welcome you to be part of our team.


As expensive and difficult as this all sounds rehabilitating native wildlife is very rewarding and  nothing beats the feeling of watching them grow, heal and then releasing them back into the wild where they belong.



We do not tolerate bullying of any type, we pride ourselves on being supportive understanding and ensure all members are included in being part of our unique and dynamic team.




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