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What We Stand For

Our team are all experienced rescue rehabilitation carers, who have been actively involved in the successful rescue, rehabilitation and release of native wildlife in the Peel Region.

Our dedicated carers have between 6 - 30+ years experience and all operate from their own private residence. They do not receive any govt funding and all equipment & medical expenses are paid for by each individual carer.

Here at Aussie Wildlife Animal Rescue Rehab & Emergencies Inc, we are driven by a single goal, which is to ensure we each do our part to help protect and preserve the life of all Native wildlife, giving them the opportunity for a second chance at a safe and healthy life.

The world is a better place with Native Australian Wildlife and they are vital to our environment and eco systems.

Our Rescue Rehabilitators are registered with Department of Biodiversity Conservation & Attractions (DBCA)

and all members are required to attend regular training courses to ensure they are aware of current rehabilitation requirements, treatment and care.

We have an amazing network of experienced rehabilitators and veterinarians Australia wide and are very fortunate to be able to work with some of the best in this field. 

Please be in touch with one of our amazing staff for assistance.

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