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I Need You to Find Me!

A Joey can last up to 3 days in its dead mothers pouch.

Here is what to do

If you see a dead animal on the road, safely pull over and assess the situation. Only when it is safe to do so remove the animal by dragging it off the road. This will protect you from passing traffic and stop other prey animals from getting injured or killed when they feed on the carcass.

If the animal is a marsupial (bandicoot, possum,kangaroo etc.) check to see if it has a pouch.

If it does then there could be a joey inside or near by.

In the case of a bandicoot or possum or similar small mammal if it has a joey inside the best action would be simply wrap the dead mum up in a towel, rug or similar item and take to your nearest veterinarian or call A.W.A.R.E

 we will come and collect straight away.

If it is a kangaroo look for any indication the pouch is in use, usually you can see a bulge or movement in the pouch where the joey is.

If it is not so obvious and you feel comfortable enough stretch open the pouch take a look inside, usually you can tell if the teat has been recently sucked on as its larger than the others and clean, if you are unsure gently place your fingers or hands inside and feel for young.

Wash hands afterwards.

 if the pouch has been used but is empty check around the area where mum was found for a joey that may have been thrown from her pouch It could be injured, when a little older they will hide and are masters at it so have a really good look for the orphaned young.

If you feel a joey inside please do not pull it out of the pouch it may still be attached to the teat and pulling it off can cause irreversible damage resulting in death. 

Check it is not attached to the teat, if it is and you have access to scissors, knife or other cutting implement find the mothers teat with joey attached and cut the teat as close to mums body as possible allowing the teat to remain in joeys mouth, if you have a safety pin, bobby pin, peg, bulldog clip or similar attach it the end of the teat where you cut it from mum, this will ensure joey does not swallow it.

Now before removing joey from the pouch find something to wrap it in like a towel, jumper, blankets as its vitally important to keep joey warm and being covered will make it less stressed.

Gently place your hands around joeys head, back and support its legs with your other hand very carefully scoop it out of the pouch bear in mind it will stiffen and try wriggle back in so please be gentle as their tiny bones can break easily.

If you are not comfortable doing this phone A.W.A.R.E and we will come out immediately and assist.

Once removed from pouch quickly place joey in the towel, blanket or jumper and wrap it up gently, if you do not have access to heat such as hot water bottle or heat pack then body heat is the next best thing so place it down your top.

Well done!

Contact one of our team or take to the nearest veterinarian.

A.W.A.R.E is more than happy to come and collect simply phone one of our very experienced Marsupial Rehabilitators.

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